2 Questions You Must Ask Yourself if You Want to Succeed in Your Love Life

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After one of my seminars, I was in no mood to exchange pleasantries or talk with anyone I was so exhausted and needed some rest. As I mounted my car and about to trod on the starter, someone called me by my name.

I turned sharply and I saw behind two old couples, a rather middle-age woman I would say about 41 years of age advancing towards me.

I cannot put the worried expression on her face in much better language. In fact, her countenance revealed to me she had a problem that needed an immediate solution. I wondered what was biting her.

I didn’t like what I was seeing, so I had no choice but to compromise on my resolve. I promised myself to do the best I can to put back a smile on that face. After all, it is what I am called upon to do.

As she walked up to me, I noticed she was very blonde. She was such a beauty her unkempt hair notwithstanding. “How can I help you,” I asked. She trained her piercing blue eyes on me and with a calm and emotional voice said,” I am losing him.” “You mean your husband,”

She nodded her head in reply. “Until recently,” she began, “Samuelson adores me and takes me everywhere. Our love life was the measure against which couples in our neighborhood compared their love. “What then happened” I cut in.

“That is the same question I keep asking myself day and night, I wish I know! The more I try to find an answer to the question, the more I am led into greater complexities.”

She bent down her head in thought and then continued after a brief pause. “Yesterday was our third anniversary. “ Wow!! Happy wedding anniversary hope you guys celebrated it?

Her neatly made-up mouth tightened and she gave a grimace of disgust. She regarded me with a puzzled frown and said, “That is the point! I tried as much as possible-as God is my witness-to draw Samuelson attention to it, but he kept acting like it meant nothing to him. ” “You mean he said nothing?” I asked in surprise.

She nodded her head in response and then with a voice thickened with anger, said, “He has turned to something I cannot describe in words! He now comes home from work late at night, now makes long distance phone calls and hides his phone from me.

It can’t be more obvious he is cheating. Last week, he came home in the middle of the night drunk, singing meaningless songs and calling a girl’s name repeatedly.”

 “When did he start acting this way?” “Recently,” she said calmly. “Don’t you think is time you give the whole affair a talking over? In short, have you sat him down for a heart to heart discussion? “So many times, but it always ended up in fisticuffs.

In fact, our frequent quarrel is now setting in on our neighbors’ nerve. I am really tired of the whole thing; maybe I should stop being a coward, follow my friend’s advice and seek a divorce.”

Do you think it is a sensible course of action in this situation?” “Maybe, maybe not.” “You said he adores you and takes you everywhere until recently.” “Yes,” “Do you still have it? “What,” she asked curiously.

“The smile you wore until recently. What about the warm and tender voice, do you still have that? Do you still put on those clothes that turn him on? Do you still set his heart on fire by looking straight into his eyes? Do you still do those things you use to do?

Think deeply there is something you stop doing.” She bowed her head in thought and then all of a sudden yelled, “Yes you are right I stopped doing it. Samuelson loves to see me in sexy clothes.” “Now you have found the solution to your problem go home and win back your husband,” I said and handed her my card.

After about two weeks the lady called, “It worked,” she screamed excitedly on the phone. “How did it happen,” I pressed for an explanation. “Last week Sunday,” she began. “

I was heading towards the living room to watch one of my favorites programs on TV when I heard him talking with someone on the phone. I knew he was about to leave the house, so I quickened my step to the room and put on one of those clothes I had long abandoned.

He was already at the doormat when he saw me. The way he stirred at me believe me, you have never seen anything like it. He called me by my pet name and asked me to turn around.

Immediately I did that, he grabbed me by the waist and began to kiss me. Next, he said he was taking me out. Ever since I start putting on some of my old clothes, he just can’t get his hands off me.

He now comes home after work and have stopped making those distance calls.” My husband has become once again, the loving, caring man I fell in love with.

The whole truth is if you have lost that caring attitude or the cute smile, the next thing you are going to lost is her. If you are changing he too will start to change, it is automatic in marriage/relationship. Remember, he fell in love with a happy person, not the nagging type.

She fell in love with a caring man, not the uncaring type. Do you still have that shape or you have become so fat that he now sees you as his grandmother? Remember, he fell in love with a slim lady and not some fat balloon woman.

Are you still the same person she fell in love with? If you are not the man she used to know, she is going to wait for a while, then look for your look alike.

If you want your marriage/relationship to last long, you must find out that one thing he/she saw in you and bookmark it because that one thing possesses the power to set the heart of the one you love to smile and dance anytime any day.

Discovering and bookmarking it, is one of the greatest secrets to keeping a marriage/relationship. Our failure to take responsibility for the sudden change in our partner’s attitude is responsible for the high rate of break up and divorce today.

A person who loves and cherishes you, suddenly starts acting funny and you think the person has lost his mind. The fact is if there is anyone going crazy that person should be you.Yes, a person that thinks there can be smoke without fire needs to go for a psychiatric evaluation.

Of course, there is a reason he/she is changing to God knows what. The earlier you realize you are the smoke that brought the fire about the faster it will be for you.

These are hard words-but you should know them. For instance, if you use money, to win the heart of a lady and you get broke tomorrow, it is the height of stupidity to think you still have a partner.

Remember, the expiring date of the attraction is the expiring date of the love. They don’t have a different date. If your smile is the attraction, you must go at any length to keep it because the moment frown starts featuring frequently on your face it means something is wrong with that which connects you and your partner.

understand that love is a fire that warms the heart of those who understand it, and burnt beyond recognition the heart of those who misunderstood it.

If your style of dressing is the attraction don’t make the mistake to change it, else, you lose that person. People fall in love for different reasons. Some people will go at any length to be with you as long as you are a music star.

But the day you lost your voice, is the same day that person loses whatever he/she feels for you. Even though the person is still with you, he/she is no more yours. Every time you make love to him or her, you are only making love to someone’s shadow.

That something about you that called my attention is the attraction. The day it expires, is the same day the affection I have for you also expires. There is a reason people fall in love that is why you don’t see young ladies and madmen playing love games on the street.

Do you want a long-lasting marriage/relationship? If yes, then you must ask yourself the two questions below before getting married or entering into a serious relationship.

1. What did he/she saw in me?

Before you say "Yes I do" or take your relationship to the next level, you must not only ask yourself this question but ponder over it until you find the right answer. No matter how long you have been in that marriage/relationship asks yourself this simple question if you have not.

The right answer to this question is the key to your marriage/relationship. Whenever he/she is getting out of line, just like that lady did, simply do that which attracted him/her to you to bring him back to the line.

2. How long can I keep the attraction?

If you know you are the type that likes squandering money, you must ask yourself the question above before you use money to win the heart of a lady. If you know your only reason for doing music is to raise capital to start up a business venture, before you marry your fan, ask yourself this question.

If your reason for putting on decent clothes is to get a life partner, you must evaluate yourself by asking yourself this question. As you ponder on it, remember that before long, a green snake hiding under the green grass will be seen by all. 

After asking yourself this question, if you discover that the attraction expiring date is after your death, know you have what it takes to make that marriage/relationship last long.

Don’t pretend to be what you are not because you want to keep a marriage/relationship. In a little while, your true color will show and your partner will come to the realization that you are not what he/she needs.

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