2 Things That Stop you From Getting Rich

Category: SELF-DEVELOPMENT Published: Friday, 26 October 2018 Written by Life Coach Efosa Emovon



Every successful man and woman you see today programmed himself or herself for success. People only fail when they programmed themselves to fail. What a computer is programmed to do is what you see it doing. In fact, it cannot perform a task it was not programmed for.

A mirror can only reflect whatever is set before it. Your position in life is the manifestation of your thoughts. If you can understand this A B C, then getting rich won’t be a problem to you.

According to a great mind, “The quality of your life depends on the state of mental programming.” If there is nothing wrong with a data, it is impossible for a computer to malfunction.

If something is wrong with it, a wise thing to do is to format it and install new programs. By wiping out the old software and files on it, you have removed the virus that stops you from enjoying the computer.

The reason you are not living the kind of life you desire is that there is a virus somewhere preventing you from getting rich and attaining the heights envisaged.

This virus stops you from aligning yourself with the vibration of success. That is why it has become impossible for you to take action whenever an opportunity knocks at your door.

Many ideas flashes through your head day in day out, that can turn you into a millionaire within the shortest time, you ignore them not because you don’t know what they mean, but simply because this virus has tied down your takeoff zeal.

Every day, you come across books online and ofline that can easily change your outlook and attitude toward life, and align you with the fundamental principles of success. You ignore them because of this virus that is now residing on your subconscious mind.

Understand that there is a reason Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was able to become a billionaire at the young age of twenty-three. And there are reasons a person go through life as a failure.

Listed below are the reasons it has become impossible for you to achieve your dreams in life:

1. The thought pattern that governs your life

Many people came from an environment where all they heard while growing up was such statements as, “Life is not a bed of roses, life is hard, it is not easy, the struggle continues, the economy is bad,” In short, all kinds of complaints.

Since people who made these statements in words or actions were those that they looked up to, they accepted it as truth without a doubt. Today, the thought pattern they developed a long time ago, continues to govern their lives and set a limit on them.

Had they stopped to asked themselves questions and ponder over it long enough at that time; they would have realized that they listened to people that failed to set goals, people that loved to give up before a battle is started, People that rather die than think.

Irish novelist and poet James Stephens wrote, “We get wise by asking questions, and even if these are not answered, we get wise, for a well-packed question carries its answer on its back as a snail carries its shell.”

Shak Fats Made us understand that Geniuses ask questions with the same curiosity as kids do. It will interest you to know that over 85% of today’s millionaires came from a humble and disadvantaged background.

Some of them once lived in slums, once slept in vans, once wore near rag clothes, once considered eating twice a day as a divine grace. It is hard to believe when you see them in their Ferrari and private jet but it is the truth.

They were able to turn their lives and became an inspiration to many because they programmed themselves for success.

2. Your inability to ask questions

If you believe everything you hear I am afraid you might end up as a terrorist. I overheard someone who told his friend that his great-grandfather was the first president of Europe; I was surprised when the guy grinned and said, “Really...” Can you imagine that!

You can never excel in life when you allow others to use your brain for you. If you don’t think before you leap, you will fall into a ditch and break your legs or your neck. If something is not clear to you ask questions that is the best way to learn.

While I was in school, I did not know of any top student in my class that did not ask questions. In your time, if you know of any in your class, please do let me know.

Greek playwright and poet Euripides has this advice for you, “Question everything. Learn something. Answer nothing.”

A great mind put it this way, “Believe nothing merely because you have been told it. Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher. But whatsoever, after due examination and analysis, you find to be kind, conducive to the good, the benefit, the welfare of all beings-that doctrine believe and cling to, and take it as your guide.”

Question the status quo. Don’t do it the way everyone says it must be done. By asking “Why” man was able to modify his environment to fit his need. If you start to question the status quo, you will come to the ultimate truth and do exploits.

You can never be poor if you learn to ponder on things. There is a treasure in a problem you don’t see it because you follow the crowd blindly.

Thanks for giving me your time.

I wish you a resounding success in your pursuits.









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