20 Best Elvis Presley Quotes to Help You Grow and Attain a Greater Height

Category: QUOTES Published: Sunday, 06 January 2019 Written by Life Coach Efosa Emovon


Elvis Presley was an American singer and actor who redefined music in a more unique style. His energized interpretation of songs and sexually provocative dance style earned him the name, “The king of Rock and Roll.”

Just like most celebrity, he rose from anonymity to become one of the most celebrated musicians and actors of all time. Presley journey to the top is indeed a motivation and a big message to all the aspiring entrepreneurs, artists, and dreamers all over the world.

This was a man who encountered insurmountable odds on his way to success but refused to give up. In fact, in 1955, he was thrown out of grand D. Ole studio with this advice “You ain’t going nowhere, son. You ought to go back to driving a trunk.”

Presley recounts: “I wasn’t popular in school…I failed music-only thing I ever failed.” Despite this and his teaching telling him he had no aptitude for singing, Presley never stopped believing in himself.

He kept learning his guitar and composing songs until in 1956 when he released his first RCA single “Heartbreak hotel” which became a number one hit in the U.S. Of course, if you stand on the shoulder of a giant you will see further.

I am of the conviction that if you act on the words of wisdom of this great musician, you can view the world from the perspective that will help you see further in life.

1. “When things go wrong, don’t go with them.”


2. “It is not how much you have that makes people look up to you, it’s who you are.”


3. “Never wait for tomorrow, what if tomorrow never comes.”


4. “Don’t criticize what you can’t understand.”


5. “When I was a boy, I always saw myself as a hero in comic books and movies. I grew up believing this dream.”


6. "Talent is been able to sell what you are feeling.”


7. “There is no job too immense, when you gat confidence.”


8. “Adversity is sometimes hard upon a man; but for one man who can stand prosperity, there are a hundred that will stand adversity.”


9. “Do something worth remembering.”


10. “You have got to follow that dream, whenever that dream may lead.”


11. “Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t going away.”


12. “I have come too far, and I don’t know how to get back.”


13. “Ambition is a dream with a V6 engine.”


14. “Before you abuse, criticize, and accuse walk a mile in my shoes.”


15. “We can’t build our dreams on suspicious mind.”


16. “I am trying to keep a level head. You have to be careful out in the world. It is so easy to get turned.”


17. “To judge a man by his weakest link or deed is like judging the power of the ocean by one wave.”


18. “If you let your head get too big, it will break your head.”


19. “Finger prints are like values-you leave them all over everything you do.”


20. “I don’t do any vulgar movements.”


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