20 Quotes That Can Set You on The Path to Riches

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Efosa Emmanuel Emovon is a firebrand motivational speaker, author and consultant in human resources management. He is also the CEO of Gate of success a personal development site aim at helping ambitious people achieve their dreams in life.

He has authored numerous articles, tape, training programmes and books that bring about immediate changes and long-term results. If you are in a hurry to succeed, then reflects on the quotes below by this great philosopher and author.

1. "Don’t let anyone tell you you are good for nothing because you are good at something."


2. "Some people will tell you to wait for your turn if success is by turn do you think you will ever get rich."


3. "In the oxford learner’s dictionary, after the word desperation is despicable. This means that when a man is desperate he do despicable things."


4. "The world has been listening to Celine Dionne’s voice for a long time; believe me that your voice your friends say is not good enough is what they want to hear."


5. "It is only when you are not truly ready to run a race that you will see, the long legs of your co-contestants."


6. "Don’t be too relaxed because even the chair you rest your back on can break anytime."


7. "If you were born in the slum, it was because you were assigned to lead people out of it by becoming an inspiration."


8. "To succeed you must understand success politics, if you are good at running away, success will improve on avoiding your way."



9. "Even if you are going to fail at least, let the world know that in your time you never folded your hands. Let them know that even though you were defeated, you were on the battlefield."



10. "Whoever tells you you cannot amount to something in life has the same problem the lizard had that hug a crocodile thinking it was its uncle."



11. "A true soldier is not the man putting on the kind of uniform any tailor can sew, but the man putting on courage."



12. "Through faith we understand that doubt is a liar."



13. "People will follow you when they see that you are not joking. They will take you serious if you take it serious."



14. "To score a goal, you must aim your ball at the goal post, not goal posts."




15. "Don’t live your life in such a way that when you die people will ask whether you even existed because you never truly lived."



16. "Begin today, don’t be scared of anything. The worst that can happen to you is to fail, and even if that happens, so long as you don’t quit you are not defeated."




17. "All the people I know who loves to be rich apart from thieves are pursuing a dream."



18. "The day you realize you are a foolish man to think you can change the world from a disco hall is the day you step foot on the path to success. The day you realize you are a foolish woman to think change will come by folding your arms, is the day you step foot on the path to success."


19. "How can you say you are scared of taking risk, when living in poverty is a risk! Does poverty not scare you?"


20. "If you get knock down seven times and cannot stand up the eight times, sorry, you are not ready to succeed. Subscribe to our free quote of the day newsletter to receive “thought of the Day,” which will fuel your confidence and performance."



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