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Because of the importance of money the majority of people wishes, hope and pray to have it. Despite hoping against hope and praying more than the pop, money remains in the eyes of many but in the pockets of few.

A number of reasons could be adduced for this. In fact, there is a reason why money is making no plans to relocate from your eyes to your hands. There is a reason the word poverty found its way into the dictionary.

Yes, I know you have laid hands on so many things; I understand why you get so piece off sometimes that you feel like punching someone on the face. Of course, I know how it feels to wake up with hope every morning but end up disappointed.

I know what is like to be overrun by those who just yesterday were behind us. Nevertheless, you must stop to blame anything and everything for your failures and setbacks.

If you must play the blame game, then, blame the person responsible for your financial crisis which of course is you. Oh yes, you should blame you, because you and only you inadvertently constructed the gigantic wall that stands between you and financial success today.

Not until you come to this realization, it would be virtually impossible for you to loosen yourself from the firm grip of lack and want. That reminds me; you said you have set a goal, design strategies, and all that congratulations!

You have taken the first step toward success. In fact, you have really done well for yourself. Then why is money still out of my reach? I understand your curiosity I will tell you. But before I do that you must first answer my simple question.

HAVE YOU DECIDED TO MAKE MONEY? Don’t answer in a hurry because if you do, you will most likely give me the wrong answer. A wrong answer to this question means that you will keep falling in the same hole, and getting broke like a church rat.

Ponder and ponder on it because your sincere answer will help you to know your next course of action. Mass poverty is prevalent among the majority of people because of their inability to answer this simple question.

It should be understood that not until you decide to have money, you can never get rich. My friend, you have not experienced unprecedented growth and success in life not because you don’t bear a charmed life or cut out for great things but because you have not decided to make money.

When you see a wood that could be used to carve a canoe you will know at once. You still believe a god that favors people with wealth exist because you have not decided to make money.

You still have the time to moan and groan about your government policies, because you have not decided to make money. You are still hoping, wishing and waiting for luck to make you rich because you have not decided to make money.

In fact, you are still struggling because you have not decided to make money. If you make up your mind to succeed, you will be so busy pursuing your dream that you won’t have the time to complain.

If you decide to make a woman yours, when chatting with her you don’t struggle with words they come out. It doesn’t matter whether you are well-read or not, you become a poet at that moment.

The power of decision will blind your eyes to all opposition. A Wiseman has rightly said, “Decision is a sharp knife that cuts clean and straight.” Not until you are ready to do the three things listed below, you have not yet made up your mind to get rich.

1. Dream

The first thing you need to succeed in life is not money but a dream! Even if you are gifted with a million dollars if you don’t have a dream in life you cannot achieve success.

Many religious people pray to God to prosper them forgetting that without a dream, it would be virtually impossible for the supreme intelligence to answer such prayers.

Is like begging a referee to declare you the winner of a boxing match when you are not a boxer. Isn’t that the height of foolishness?

If you are reading this post and you don’t have a dream, know that you have decided to go through life as a failure. Everything including the sun you see and the earth you live was first a dream.

Also, don’t forget to dream big because it is impossible to be on the mountain top when your dream is to climb an anthill.

“Goals are like a magnet—they pull. And the stronger they are, the more purposeful they are, the bigger they are, the more unique they are, the stronger.”-JIM ROHN

2. Leave your comfort zone

The fact is no one has become a hero in his father’s parlor. A hero is made on the battlefield and not on the four walls of a palace.

It is one’s ability to get up from his comfortable bed in the middle of the night to study, draft out plans, employ schemes or carry out research that reveals his love for his dream.

Not until you are ready to give to your dream all the attention you pay to your friends, lover, and favorites television programs you have not decided to succeed in life.

Nelson Mandela had a beautiful wife, a decent job and all that but he chose to leave them all to go to jail because he knew what he wanted.

3. Take a risk

Are you ready to give up the good for the great? What if you lose all your money? What if you are fired from your present job? What if things did not go the way you plan?

The fact is whether things go the way you plan or not shouldn’t be your problem. Your business is to move into action and invest in that business venture or context for that elective position.

The reason your country have a president today is that someone forgot there is a word called “Failure” in the dictionary. In fact, you have decided to die a pauper if you are not willing to take a risk in life.

Understand that your willingness to face failure is your decision to succeed. Thanks for giving me your time. I wish you a resounding success in your pursuits in life.

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