3 Things I Did That Change My Life Forever

Category: INSPIRING .STORIES Published: Friday, 01 February 2019 Written by Life Coach Efosa Emovon

Inspiring Story


“You just can’t live in that negative way; make way for that positive day.” - Bob Nester Marley

I grew up in an environment where I was made to believe life was difficult. In fact, while growing up, I thought rich people were some sort of magicians.

I was in the habit of moaning and groaning about the state of affairs in my country and criticizing my country’s leaders because I was made to understand our government policies were responsible for all our problems.

My understanding was darkened and my heart so blinded to the truth that I could not see that the same government policies we claimed caused our financial problems was working to the advantage of others. Ignorance is truly the curse of God.

I think William Shakespeare deserves an award for this word of wisdom. I wanted my country to do something for me, but I wasn’t thinking of what to do for my country.

My pastor, who was even poorer than I, told me, I should start paying tithes and sowing seeds because that was the only way God opens the door of prosperity for people like me. I forgot to ask him why God hasn’t opened it for him.

In fact, I did all kinds of unimaginable jobs to ensure I keep paying my tithes and sowing seed. After doing this for a long period of time and nothing changed, I knew the force that keeps the moon, sun, and stars on a steady course wasn’t in a hurry to come to my rescue.

Simply put, I knew God was not going to come down from the sky to give me a million dollars. I realized my salvation will come from my own efforts. I turned the searchlight on myself!

As I evaluate my life and actions, my eyes were opened to the ultimate truth. For the first times it dawns on me that the recession I was going through was not caused by my country leaders, the devil, or anyone but by my biased judgment and selfishness.

Yes, I was biased and selfish! Bias, because I only listened to one side before coming to the conclusion that life was difficult, and our government policies responsible for all our problems.

Selfish, because I wanted to take from my country without giving anything in return, you see why you can’t blame my pastor for compelling me to give! Selfish people sometimes need to be taught a lesson.

Of course, it is obvious John F Kennedy had people like me in mind while making his 14-minutes 1961 inaugural speech, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

My country gave me an identity, a living space, the right to work and earn money. Didn’t stop me from dreaming and setting goals, yet just like Olivia Twist, I was still asking for more.

Taking a look at my life, I realized nothing was going to change unless I change my outlook towards life. Did you know your outlook towards life is how your life looks?

I resolved to vote out the thought pattern that had governed my life over the years. In fact, I was angry with all the people who implanted in my mind infectious beliefs that held me hostage and set a limit on me.

As I was about hurling curses on these people, it dawned on me that one of the things they taught me was how to play the blame game.

“This is one game that has taken a lot out of me. How can I continue playing it,” I said to myself. Listed below are the three things I did to get to the top.

1. I Evaluated the life and actions of the people around me

As I turned the searchlight on them, I quickly realized these were people who spent most of their time criticizing the doers; people who rather die than think, people who believe God must come before something works; People who love to give up before the start of a battle.

I paused for a minute to feel sorry for myself! In fact, I could not believe these were the kind of people I called friends, I looked up to. Everything was wrong with my life because nothing was right about theirs.

OH my God, these people so wired my mind with their low beliefs and infectious ideas that I began to think like a ram without knowing it.

I needed no prophet to tell me it would be virtually impossible for me to set a goal let alone attain it if I keep opening my mind to these people to infect with the low life syndrome [LLS].

I knew a fix was long overdue, so I moved into action. I learn to shut my ears to these people and question everything they have told me. Once in a while put your friends and associates to the text; evaluates their words and deeds!

If you do this you will definitely see the devil setting a limit on you. Did you know we subconsciously pick up the habits, beliefs, and thought pattern of the people around us? Continue!!        




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