4 Simple Secrets to Turning Your Passion Into Money

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Two friends who attended a great feast were stopped by a strange creature that bears great resemblance to a wizard on their way home. He called the first man by name and told him within the shortest time he would become so rich that his problem will be how to spend his money.

He greeted the second man and after a short incantation, advised him not to waste his time and energy pursuing a dream because he was destined to serve the first man and die a pauper. After prophesying to the two men he laughed mischievously and disappeared.

When the two surprised friends got home, the first man with the hope that he would soon become one of the richest men in his country put on hold his plan of setting up a grocery store. For he now considered himself too big for such an enterprise.

Then after, he folded his hands expecting to become rich without a dream is that not how the dictionary defines a thief? He forgot that the god who favors a lazy man does not exist. He forgot that not until you help yourself even heaven cannot help you.

The second man was able to ignore the prophecy of the wizard-like creature because he remembered the natural law which states that, whatever you sow, that you shall reap. He knew even the forces that keep the moon; sun and stars on a steady course cannot change this law so long as one sow he shall reap.

He also knew by sitting down and doing nothing he was helping the prophecy of the wizard-like creature come to reality. This knowledge more than anything else, made him realize he needed to do something with the tool he had at hand.

He was fascinated with mechanical things so he decided to turn his passion into money. He started to wake up at the middle of the night to think, draft out plans and design strategies. Before long, he starts up a business venture.

He made his new enterprise his best friend, lover and life. Of course, his efforts started yielding results, and within a short time, his enterprise turned into a big company with many branches and outlets. After waiting and waiting and nothing happened, the first man who stopped associating with his best friend because he felt he was his fut

ure slave was surprised to discover he was now the owner of the company he came to seek for employment. At first, it was difficult for his rich friend to recognize him because he was now so emancipated. But after introducing himself repeatedly, he recognized him and as old friends, employed him and put him to his service.

Dear esteemed reader before you cast your stone I want you to take a moment to ask yourself this question, “What am I doing with my time and with my life that is setting a limit on me?” Yes, you have no right to criticize the first man because you also make the same mistake day in day out.

In fact, every day you too listen to the voice of the wizard-like creature that is why you pray to cruise on the latest supercar even though you don’t have a super dream. That is why you are of the conviction that your turn will soon come even though your hands hardly leave your pockets.

But wait! If success is by turn do you think you will ever get rich? The second man succeeded beyond all measures because he came to the realization that:


1. What you are told only matters when you make it a matter


If a situation or a person says “no” to you before you sob or curse your fate remember that the two letter word means two things. a. Not over b. Now over What it means to you determines what happens to you.

The second man’s life became beautiful because he took the no life said to him to mean not over. ”I am thankful to all those who said no, because of them, I did it myself.”-Albert Einstein.


2. He needed to start from somewhere


There is an ancient Chinese proverb that says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” If you believe you can travel to Alpha Proxima [the closest star to the earth] today and come back tomorrow so long as you know you must start from somewhere, consider me your fan.

Most of the world’s billionaires and multi-millionaires you see today started from somewhere. Most of them didn’t have the start in life most young people had.

Instead of praying or waiting for a connection, if you decide to start where you are and use the tool you have at hand you will astound yourself with what you can do.

The first man in my story had a tool at hand [an idea] but threw it away because he was told he would soon become rich. Don’t wait to get rich, work to achieve it. You have a tool at hand [talent, passion, idea] I challenge you to start with it.

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook from his dormitory room and today he is one the richest men in the world. J.K Rowling started by putting down one word and today she is the author or the best-selling series book in history Harry Potter.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin started the search engine Google from a garage and today are billionaires. You have a passion, don’t you? Turn it into money.


3. Needed to conquer the enemy called Procrastination


Before the prophecy, the first man had in mind plans to start up a business venture; but put that plan on hold on hearing he will soon become rich.

Therefore, you can see that the prophecy of the wizard-like creature although different in tone aimed for one purpose-that is to lull both men into inaction. Simply put, delay them.

One of the reasons you have not been able to turn your passion into money is because you have one highly place aunty or uncle somewhere you believe will connect you to people who matters in the society.

This consciousness or mental state is fatal to success because it possesses the capacity to chain down your takeoff zeal.

The second man knew Mr. Procrastination, could help bring the prophecy of the creature to reality so without hesitation; he stood up and conquered it.


4. Most do away with the feeling of inadequacy


The wizard-like creature is your limited education, limited skills, disadvantaged background, and environment. Don’t open your eyes to what they show because all they show is limitation.

The second man succeeds beyond all measures because he removed his mind completely from these things. If you dwell on what they show you can never attempt great things. Remember, to attain an enviable height, there is no alternative to attempting great things.



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