7 Philosophies That Will EmpowerYou For Greatness

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Opportunity is so cheap that even a problem has it

Let's reason together! No matter how dire and insurmountable the situation may be, there is a good side to it. You don’t see the treasure your problem hold because you are too busy moaning and groaning about the state of affairs in your country or feeling sorry for yourself. To succeed in life, you must understand that you need the battle to become a hero.

See every problem not as the devil but as the battle you need to wear a crown. it was Ralph Waldo Emerson who said, "Bad times have a scientific value. These are occasions a good learner would not miss." The bitter truth is in life, you need stress to stretch.

Stop sobbing and wailing and take a deeper look at your problem, you may be surprised to see the opportunity you have been searching for in it. Remember, Nelson Mandela became one of the most revered presidents of all time because of apartheid. Here is the truth; nature and all her forces want you to succeed that is why the greatest treasures in the world are hidden behind one of the commonest things, problem.

You look at yourself from a distance that is why you don’t see how big you are

Let's talk! Your takeoff zeal is still chained down because you see yourself as the son or daughter of a poor man. You are not taking a giant stride because you see yourself as a person with unlimited skill and education. You are still single because you see yourself too fat or slim to impress anyone. There is no boundary to how far you can go in life, how you view yourself is one of the things that set a boundary on you.

If you stop looking at your body size, you can smile in such a way that can make the son or daughter of a king go any length to win your heart. Stop looking at where you are coming from; set worthwhile goals, draft out plans, design strategies and see whether you will not attain an enviable height.

Take your mind away from your limited education, take a bold step and see whether people will not follow you.You are beautiful the way you are, stop seeing yourself through the eyes of others. Remember, you must believe you are big before you can do big things.

Don’t become a doctor because of your father, because you may end up killing your mother

Let's talk! If you wish to succeed in every area of life, follow your heart not the crowd. If a Chinese girl makes you happy, don’t marry an English girl because your mother wants you to learn English. If you see a smile on your face whenever you are cleaning floor, don’t try to become a lawyer because you see everyone in your neighborhood bearing the title “Barrister.” Remember, success does not care about what we do, what it requires is our best.

If you don’t find that which you do pleasurable, you cannot put in your best. This means that you cannot meet up to success requirement. Success motto is: No best no wealth.

Stop praying for your enemies to die, because you may sleep and don’t wake up

Let's talk! You say you want to get rich, yet you are the first to go to bed at night and the last to get up in the morning. You know the name of all the TV presenters, the programs they present and the time they present it. You love wasting time criticizing a government, that doesn’t even know whether you exist. You cannot remember the last time you visit a music studio even though you have a sonorous voice.

Everyone tells you, you are funny, yet you have not one day gone for an audition. All you do is waste your time and energy on activities that cannot spell success. If you are expecting to succeed like this, know it is time to go for a psychiatric evaluation. You blame anything and everything for your problems, forgetting that you are the cause.

You cannot change the world from a disco hall

Let's reason together! To every good thing in life, there is a prize. Sacrifice is the prize for greatness. If you want to change the world, you must relocate from your comfort zone to LBF, [Life battlefield field] because that is where greatness can be found and not your father’s parlor. Are you willing to trade your favorites TV programs, night rest and social life for that dream of yours? If yes, then you are ready to attain the heights envisaged.

If you cannot beat them, then join them to beat them

The easiest and practical way to become a pathfinder is to follow someone’s path. It is by following the path of others you can uncover how to carve a better path. Be willing to serve others so that you can become a better master. At work when your boss raises his voice at you don’t say, “Who does he think he is.” He is your boss and you must respect him whether you like it or not.

In fact, the faster you learn to follow his instructions, the better it will be for you. He raises his voice at you not because he hates you, but because he wants you to it the way it is done. If you are patient enough to learn, before long, you too will become a boss.

Stop thinking it is the end of the world when you fail because you won’t have a roof over your head if carpenters give up when a nail breaks

Let's talk: One of the greatest philosophies of success is to never give up. Those who give up in the race of life never win. All the technology you are enjoying today was made possible by people who never gave up.No matter how tough the going gets, press on because that is what Thomas Edison did to light up the world, it was what Mark Zuckerberg did to introduce Facebook to you, what Abraham Lincoln did to free the slaves in American.

Every time you are about to give up, take a moment to think about a world with no telephone, a world with no electricity and television then ask yourself, if what you are about to do as in any way shaped the world. Write down five things you will gain by doing it, and five things you will lose by not doing it. Use the result to motivate yourself. Encourage yourself when no one encourages you.

Tell yourself what people fail to tell you. Push yourself, when no one lifts you. Go out of your way; trade all the pleasure in the world to prove that you are right. Thank you for giving me your time. I wish you a resounding success in your pursuits please share this. . .







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