7 Reasons Why You Feel Tired All The Time

Category: HEALTH Published: Sunday, 13 January 2019 Written by Life Coach Efosa Emovon



Do you always get tired all the time? If yes, then it is important to note that you are not alone on this path. In fact, feeling exhausted or feeling tired all the time is so common nowadays that it now has its own acronym, [TATT] which stands for “tired all the time.”

A Study has shown that at any given time, one in 5 people feel unusually tired, and one in 10 has prolonged fatigue. There are psychological, physical, mental and medical reasons for tiredness or fatigue.

It can be triggered by a tasking job, mood and the accumulation of stress, a fatty and poor diet, a traumatic relationship break up, anxiety, bereavement and so forth. A mental health advocate said, “I am tired” is not a complaint… it’s merely a fact of life.

It may be common to feel tired sometimes but it is definitely not normal to feel tired all the time. Below are some of the reasons why you feeling tired all the time.

1. Being overweight

You must mind what you eat and how you eat because what you eat can make or mar your health. The food you eat will either fight the disease or feed the disease. Yes, there is no alternative to eating a healthy diet because unhealthy diet gives rise to overweight.

When you are overweight you start feeling tired often. This is because your body has to work harder than normal to do everyday activities. These 8 tips will help you lose weight faster than you thought possible.

2. Inadequate sleep

If you are always getting tired it may be because you are not getting enough sleep. As an adult, you need 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night to function effectively anything less than that can reduce your cortisol [stress hormone] levels and cause you stress.

This can affect your overall health and make you prone to a serious medical condition such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity. These medical conditions can indeed make you feel tired all the time.

One of the ways in which you can tackle tiredness is to get enough quality sleep. If you are finding it hard to sleep at night, find out in this article how to fall asleep in 2 minutes.

3. Anemia

A medical condition such as Anemia can indeed make you feel tired all the time. Anemia is a condition in which there is a deficiency of red cells, or of hemoglobin in the blood.

If you have too few or abnormal red blood cells, or your hemoglobin is abnormal or low, the cells in your body will not get enough oxygen. Symptoms of anemia-like fatigue occur because organs aren’t getting what there need to function properly.

Anemia can be caused by poor diet and too little iron in the body. Iron is a mineral that is necessary for life; it plays a vital role in the making of red blood cells, which carry oxygen.

If you don’t have enough iron in your body you may develop Anemia and feel tired all the time. Unfortunately, the human body can store iron, it cannot make it. Therefore, you need to obtain it from two form, food or supplements. Healthy food rich in iron are:

. Vegetables, Meat, poultry, and fish

. Beans, Lentils, and peas

. Dried fruits and nuts


4. Anxiety disorder Anxiety

Has been defined as a feeling of worry, nervousness or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. Anxiety is a normal emotion; there is nothing wrong in feeling nervous when faced with challenges.

However, when a person regularly feels disproportionate levels of anxiety, it might become a medical disorder.

Anxiety disorder is a chronic condition characterized by an excessive and persistent sense of apprehension, with physical symptoms such as a feeling of stress. This can cause insomnia and, in turn, lead to persistent fatigue.

5. Being underweight

Being underweight compromises and weakened your immune system. It also accounts, for your fragile bones and persistent fatigue. Being underweight means that you have less muscle strength, when you have less muscle strength indeed you may feel tired all the time.

A person who is underweight is more likely to have low blood counts, known as Anemia, which causes dizziness and persistent fatigue. If you are underweight you need to gain weight fast because this could be adduced for your feeling tired all the time.

Being underweight means you are suffering from malnutrition. Malnutrition means you are not taking enough vitamins and minerals. So if you want your body to give you weight gives your body what it needs.

6. Excessive drinking

When you are drunk, at night you find yourself waking up to urinate this disrupt your sleep circle and lead to conditions that cause persistent fatigue. Alcohol relaxes throat muscles; this relaxation worsens sleep-related breathing and contributes to sleep apnea.

Also, when you have drunk the water you lose through urine can dehydrate you and you start feeling tired all the time. So it is very important to replenish it by consuming a sufficient amount of water. This will help maintain your energy.

7. Depression

Persistent Fatigue is one of the identified symptoms of major depression disorder [MDD]. There are three types of fatigue associated with MDD these include physical, emotional and cognitive symptoms.

The physical symptoms of fatigue are as follow:

. General weakness

. Tiredness

. Inability to engage in activity

. Decreased physical endurance

. Low energy

. Heaviness

. Sluggishness

. Increased effort to do physical tasks


The cognitive symptoms are:


. Inability to think fast and concentrate

. Inability to pay attention

. Decreased mental endurance


Emotional symptoms of fatigue include:

. Decreased motivation

. Lose of interest on the things one finds pleasurable

. Feeling overwhelmed, feeling bored, aversion of effort, and feeling low


The fact of the matter is it can be difficult to differentiate between independent symptoms of fatigue from symptoms directly related to MDD. Nevertheless, if your tiredness is triggered by depression, all you have to do is simply get rid of it and you will feel better.

These are the 5 natural effective ways to overcome depression



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