7 Things Successful People Don’t Do and Why You Should Stop Doing Them

Category: SUCCESS Published: Friday, 01 February 2019 Written by Life Coach Efosa Emovon

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Many people believe a man’s fate is predetermined by some providential law. In fact, many are of the view that successful people bear a charmed life hence their ability to accomplish so much.

This consciousness possesses the ability to lull one into inaction. Simply put, it is fatal to success. If you feel something is wrong with your destiny, remember you can alter it and change the course of events in our life.

The fact is you really cannot take that as an excuse not to impact your world and attain an enviable height.

The fact that you are disadvantaged by some unpleasant facts of life doesn’t stop you from setting goals and designing strategies don’t stop you from applying success principles and taking charge of your life.

By the way who told you Richard Branson cried the day he was born and you didn’t? Who told you that you learned to crawl, walk and talk and Bill Gates didn’t.

In case you don’t know, the only reason you are not successful is that you are unwilling to do that which successful people do. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos still remains the richest person in the world today because you have not decided to occupy that position.

Seriously, nothing stops you from becoming a multi-millionaire or a billionaire; nothing stops you from becoming your country’s leader or changing the world.

It has been proven over and over again that greatness is not a special treaty designed for a Caucasian, a Negroe or a Mongolian but for the man or woman who reaches out for it.

It is designed for the individual who discovers his talent and exercises his abilities. It is for those who make a decision and move into action! It belongs to those who recognize a human need and reach out to meet that need. It is the exclusive privilege of a person who chose to win.

The great reggae legend Peter Tosh, in a line in one of his songs, said, “You can get it if you really want.” Your problem is you think you want money but you don’t really want it.

If you really want something, you don’t wait for it you go for it. Put in a poetic way, you crave for it with intensity. Here is the truth: you are satisfied with where you are if you are not you would have long made concerted efforts to move away from there.

The basic tools of early men were made of stones, bones, and club. The reason man is not making use of those stuff today is that at a point he decided to improve on them.

He was able to modify his environment to fit his need by developing better devices because he was not satisfied with those tools.

When the famous Astronaut Neil Armstrong, step foot on the moon in 1969, he made it crystal clear to us all that the feat was nothing but just one small step for man.

As a Wiseman, Armstrong understood that if he could get to the moon and come back, anyone can reach for the stars if he/she reaches that decision and set his or her mind to it.

Therefore, to start understanding men such as Bill Gates money-making secret, you must accustom yourself to the fact that Gates and his friend Panel Allen used the same one head you have to come up with the idea of Microsoft and no luck, god or force did that for them.

You must also understand that the heights attained by those successful people you pray to be like, is nothing compared to the one you will attain if you decide to use your time to think, set goals, draft out plans and design strategies.

Bill Gates is famous today and many times richer than you are not because he is a programmer, but because he programmed himself for success. Understanding this a b c will help you in no small measure to attain your goal in life.

You have become more susceptible to poverty because you do the wrong thing, nothing, or everything at the same time. The Question You Must Ask Yourself “What are the things successful people don’t do that I do?”

if you can lock yourself up in your room to ask yourself this simple question, as you ponder on it, you will acquire the heart of wisdom and know why some people are more equal than the others.

You will, in fact, come to the realization that successful people don’t do the following things listed below.

1. Sleep and yawn into the morning

2. Discuss people

3. Tighten their fist

4. Let what people will think or say stop them from making decisions

5. Sets a goal and wait till tomorrow

6. Give up

7. Target two goalposts

If you evaluate your life and actions, you will see that you do most of these things that set limits on people. Successful people don’t sleep and yawn into the morning because they know the night time is the best time to think and draft out plans.

They don’t discuss people because they know great minds discuss ideas, not people. It is difficult if not impossible to see a person who made his or her money in a genuine way clenching is fist.

In fact, a rich friend of mine told me, the reason he does not clench his fist is that a clenched fist cannot give and cannot receive. I have noticed that successful people don’t allow what people will think or say stop them from doing that which they set out to do.

They do things with their ears close. One habit associated with successful people is impatient I asked one of my rich clients why he was so impatient, he said he hates to wait because today is the tomorrow that indolent men wait for.

Whenever you come across a highly successful man or woman remind yourself that he or she is a poor person who refused to quit. The fact is, successful people, succeed because giving up is not in their dictionary.

And they don’t target to goalposts at the same time because they know it is impossible to score a goal that way.

If you wish to attain an enviable height in life, promise yourself this very minutes you will stop doing those things successful people don’t do. .



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