How to Know a Relationship is About to Break Beyond Repair

Category: LOVE ADVICE Published: Thursday, 25 October 2018 Written by Life Coach Efosa Emovon

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Is your relationship on the verge of collapse? If yes, then before you seek for a solution there is something you must know and do. No matter how long you have been in that relationship, know it is time to stand up and find out the kind of emotion that person in your life feels for you. The whole truth is people now mistake lust for love.

In fact, the word lust has been corrupted to what a lot of people now calls love nowadays. Little wonder the divorce rate is escalating at an alarming rate. According to the united nation [UN], the country with the highest divorce rate in the world is the Maldives with 10.97 divorces per 1.000 inhabitants per year. Belarus comes second with 4.63.

This is followed by the United States with 4.34. Cuba takes the 4th position with 3.72. Estonia comes 6th with 3.65. Puerto Rico and Panama are sharing the 7th position with 3.61 divorces per year. Ukraine is number 8 on the list with 3.56. This is followed by Russia with 3.42. If you don’t want to make the mistakes that lead to this kind of a thing, I urge you to read this article to the end.

It is tailored to open your eyes to the kind of emotion that person you intend getting married to feels for you, in order to know your position in his or her life and to know your next course of action. It is important to understand that lust [infatuation], unlike love, is like a prescript drug, it has an expiring date.

It is madness to keep expired drugs even the dumbest imbecile from the most remote village on earth knows this. If you notice that your lover’s attitude towards you have changed tremendously, before you do anything to save that relationship from collapse, you must first find out if the emotion he or she feels for you is lust {infatuation} or love.

If it is lust, there is no use trying to save the relationship because the emotion that person feels for you have expired. As I mentioned earlier, lust has an expiring date. Understand that giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak, sometimes it means you are strong enough to let go and move on. Sometimes the best thing to do in a relationship is to walk away.

There are relationships that are not meant to last. Trying to elongate the life span of such relationships is exposing your heart to fire. The only time you should consider taking a relationship to another level is if you are genuinely in love with a person and you are sure the person is also in love with you.

It is important to uncover the kind of emotion a person feels for you before taking a relationship to another level. Saying “I do” before realizing a person is not right for you is to your detriment because it will add the title divorcee to your profile.

Having kids before coming to this realization is no fair! Why you might ask. Simply because kids don’t just like the idea, of growing up with a single parent or being raised by a step-father or mother, in fact, it is very challenging for them. This is like making someone bear the consequence of your action.

The fact is when the braggadocio of this kind of love [lust] withered, next, reality dawns on that person you have given the whole of your heart to. At this point he/she will start asking the famous question “Am I with the right person?” Maybe your curves attracted him, now he has seen enough of it; maybe it was your money that attracted her, now she has her own money or has meant someone more loaded than you.

Maybe it was sexual desire, now he/she has satisfied that desire. Her eyes are now open to the ultimate truth and have come to the realization that you are not what she needs; you are not the right person for him. One of the reasons he/she chooses not to tell you with words but with deeds is that he wants you to read the signs and prepare before it finally hit the rocks.

If you are seeking for a solution instead of planning how to soft-land, in this case, you are just about to shot yourself on the foot. Doesyour lover still call you by your pet name? Do you still see what you mean to him anytime he looks into your eyes? Do you still see what you mean to her anytime she looks into your eyes? From the corner of your eyes do you still see him or her staring lustfully at you?

Does he still share his secrets with you? Does she still share her secrets with you? Does that man or woman in your life still refer to both of you as “we,” If no, I am sorry to inform you that the emotion that person feels for you have expired?

That is the reason that person you expect to love and cherish you more than anyone else now nags and hurls insults on you anytime you make a mistake.The fact is if the emotion someone feels for you is love, it is easy for that person to tolerate you because love grows in its capacity to endure.

When you love someone you are there to support that person, you work together to solve problems and wish nothing more than to watch and help this person grow. Love accepts both a person’s perfection and imperfections. But lust [infatuation] is only after perfection. One thing you must understand is that every relationship has a circle [trying times], but love makes it easy for people to come out of this love recession stronger together.

Lust makes it difficult for lovers to survive it. He has changed his attitude towards you because you no longer appear to him as someone he would like to spend the rest of his life with. She changed completely because to her you have lost the ability to make her soul dance. The whole truth is if you must blame anyone that person should you.

Yes, when you guys first meant you were so blinded with emotion that you forgot to take time to know this person. If you were patient enough before long, his attitude would have made it clear he or she is not the right person for you. Don’t believe everything you hear, there is no such thing as love at first sight.

Love develops gradually over time. In fact, it grows in its capacity to endure. It is lust [infatuation] that occurs almost instantaneously. How to differentiate between love and lost What attracted a person to you determines the kind of emotion the person feels for you.

If your beauty attracted him understands that the emotion he feels for you is nothing but lust. If it is your money, of course, the emotion is double lust. Before you get serious with a man that emphases more on your beauty than your qualities remember these two things:

. Beauty fades with time

. They are countless beauty queens out there

In fact, a great writer even titled one of his books The Beautiful Once Are Not Yet Born. And before you use your money to attract a lady, understand these two things:

. Love is not for sale, so money cannot buy it

. There are tens and thousands of people out there richer than you

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. It is unconditional and doesn’t set a limit. Love is not just a person telling you “I love you” it reveals through his/her action. Love is when you care very strongly and always willing to share with another person.

It is when you respect a person’s opinion and understand his or her every mood. It is the ability to admit you are wrong when you make a mistake and quick to apologize. It is the ability of a person to connect with you through his/her eyes.

If that person in your life right now doesn’t fit this description, you don’t need a prophet to tell you he or she is not the right person for you.






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