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Inspiring stories

Oftentimes our negative life experience comes unannounced to alter our mood and rob us of happiness. Do you have such experience? If yes, then get ready because this article is designed to open up your eyes to the treasure it holds.

If you can see the good in it, it will lose the power to torment you and you will possess the power to turn it into an opportunity. I have walked this path; in fact, my experience Read more...



Two friends who attended a great feast were stopped by a strange creature that bears great resemblance to a wizard on their way home. He called the first man by name and told him within the shortest time he would become so rich that his problem will be how to spend his money.

He greeted the second man and after a short incantation, advised him not to waste his time and energy pursuing a dream because he was destined to serve the first man and die a pauper. After prophesying to the two men he laughed mischievously and disappeared.

When the two surprised friends got home, the first man with the hope that he would soon become one of the richest men in his country Read more...



Elizabeth Anne Velásquez also known as Lizzie Velásquez is an American who was born on March 13, 1989, in Austin, Texas with a rare condition known as Marfanoid–progeroid–lipodystrophy syndrome—a rare genetic disorder that affects her heart, eyes and bones, and makes it impossible for her to gain weight.

In fact, she has never weighed more than 29 kg (64 lbs) and reportedly has almost 0% body fat. She is also blind in her right eye, and vision-impaired in her left eye.

Her conditions resulted in bullying during her childhood. In 2006, when she was 17 years of age, she was dubbed the ugliest woman in the world after her video appeared on YouTube. Read more...



 I wasted many years playing football because I wanted to please my parents and be like a relative of mine who plays football for a rich club in Europe.

As I hit on the round leather in the hope of getting signed in a big club in Europe, my parents and all my siblings cheered for me; not because I find pleasure in the game but because of the money, they heard my relative who was a footballer was earning.

In fact, I was playing football to impress them and to be like my relative-two wrong reasons for playing football. Read more...


A slave and his master were about to embark on a journey and the slave pleaded with his master not to tell their host he was a slave. His master agreed with a warning that he should not act like one.

They both agreed and set out on the journey. When they got there, their host welcomed them with utmost respect because the man was a very rich and influential figure.

They treated the slave with equal respect because they thought he was a friend or business partner to his master. The way he dressed convinced them even more. Everything went on fine until the next day when his master went out.

First, he starts to sing meaningless songs, dancing and clapping and disturbing the peace of the house. Read more...


Many years ago, a man named Luscious Marcus was accused wrongly of treason tried and sentenced to death. He was overwhelmed by despair and before long, became a shadow of himself.

Renown Italian writer Machiavelli the Don cannot be more right when he said, “To anticipate death is worse than death itself.” The night before he was to be executed, he burst into tears and would not be consoled. Read more...



No matter what you are going through in life, I want you to understand that you have what it takes to come out of it a stronger and a better person. Yes, no matter the hardship you are faced with today you can make your tomorrow a wonder.

Most of the leading entrepreneurs, music superstars and multi-millionaires and billionaires you and I celebrate today were once in your shoes but were able to turn their situation around because they did something about it.

If you are ready to do something about yours today, this post is tailored to motivate and guide. The founder of the Mongol empire Genghis Khan was only nine when his father Yesugei was poisoned to death.

Not long after, his clan ostracized his family leaving his mother Hoelun to raise seven children alone. While in the wild, they ate wild fruits and all kinds of unimaginable things to stay alive.

The situation got so bad that Khan killed his half-brother Bester in a dispute over food. In fact, he and his family faced the kind of hardship you may not wish for your worst enemy. Read more...



“You just can’t live in that negative way; make way for that positive day.” - Bob Nester Marley

 I grew up in an environment where I was made to believe life was difficult. In fact, while growing up, I thought rich people were some sort of magicians.

I was in the habit of moaning and groaning about the state of affairs in my country and criticizing my country’s leaders because I was made to understand our government policies were responsible for all our problems.

My understanding was darkened and my heart so blinded to the truth that I could not see that the same government policies we claimed caused our financial problems was working to the advantage of others. Ignorance is truly the curse of God.

I think William Shakespeare deserves an award for this word of wisdom. I wanted my country to do something for me, but I wasn’t thinking of what to do for my country. Read more...



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