One Essential Thing Needed to Achieve Success

Category: SELF-DEVELOPMENT Published: Sunday, 28 October 2018 Written by Life Coach Efosa Emovon


Can hear you moaning and groaning! Complaining about the lack of money right? There is no doubt I know you want a change in your finances, it is obvious you are not satisfied with the kind of life you are living.

I am here to tell you that no matter how disadvantage your background is you are cut out for great things. I want to prove it to you that if you just believe you can fly that there is nothing to it.

If only you will stand up and take action, you can recreate your life and live a better version of it. The richest man in modern history John D. Rockefeller once boasted, “I have ways of making money that you know nothing of.”

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Do you sometimes wonder why money is out of your reach? Do you know why you have become more susceptible to poverty? Here is the truth: The devil has little or nothing to do with your economic recession.

There are things you do that undermine your ability and prevent you from putting your abilities to practical use. There are habits in your possession that are tying down your take off zeal.

It is important that you understand that riches is not the exclusive privilege of a Whiteman, Blackman or a purple man, but of the one who set goals and stimulate his/her spirit to acquire the consciousness of possibility and triumph.

Be difficult to fool! You don’t need luck or connection to be rich, you don’t need to struggle or work yourself to pulp before you can attain an enviable height and live a kingly life. As long as you are a human being and not a ghost, you carry success in your innermost self.

All you have to do is to make it visible. According to one of the greatest thinker and philosopher of all time Confucius,”Life is really simple, but we insist of making it complicated.”

The whole truth is everything you need to achieve your dreams easier and faster than you thought possible is already within you. In fact, it beats me why the majority of people are ignorant of this.

I want you to understand that man has an inner power called the sublime magnetic force. This subliminal power inherent in his innermost is what causes something to happen to his psyche to bring about the change that he seeks.

Simply put, it is that which inspires wisdom in him and turns things around for his favor. This subliminal power when incited into action give him a rise and help him rise from rag to riches, grace to grace anonymity to legendary heights within the shortest possible time.

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Philosophers, scientists, meta-physicists and religious practitioners knows about this inner power to effect a change that is why they all concur without reservation that there is a drop of greatness in everyone.

If you understand human nature you will know that poverty is an abnormality.Do you know why Thomas Edison’s three months of education, Andrew Carnegie’s disadvantaged background and Helen Keller’s inability to see, talk and hear, could not stop them from carving their names into history?

It is because of one obvious fact-They stimulated their spirits to the hero’s state. To quote the word of a great mind, “Nothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent.”

Even if you have a sound idea, have all the university degrees in the world, can sing, write, or play football like Cristiano Ronaldo, if you fail to stimulate your spirit with the esteemed virtues essential for change you can never attain the height envisaged.

In fact, forget about stardom you can never attain it. Why you may want to ask. Simply because your spirit cannot function at a higher level! In other words, it cannot unleash the subliminal power [active force] inherent in it.

As I mention earlier, this subliminal power also called the active force is a form of mental energy that causes something to happen to our psyche to bring about the change that we seek.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot align yourself with the vibration of success if your spirit is at its natural state [lowest ebb]. Do you want your subliminal power to inspire wisdom in you? Do you want it to open up your heart and mind for new possibilities?

Do you want it to cause something to happen to your psyche to bring about the change in your finances that you seek? Are you ready to experience unprecedented growth and success within a short time?

If you answer “Yes,” as I am sure it is, then clicking this link to read this book is no longer an option but a most.










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