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So many times, you accuse your country leaders of your failures and frustration. So many times, you blame your disadvantaged background, geographical location, and the devil for your economic downturn and setbacks.

Yes, you want to be rich but spend time in wishing, forgetting that if wishes were horses beggars would ride. You want to be rich, but fold your arms and open your mouth wide praying for prosperity, forgetting that the god that favors a lazy man does not exist.

You waste precious time complaining as if someone told you when complaints are planted they germinate. While your neighbor stays awake late into the nights thinking, you are busy sleeping and snoring.

While he sets goals and makes plans to accomplish them, you are complaining.

While he is discussing ideas, you are discussing people. While he is making use of his natural abilities, you are toying with yours. While he tries repeatedly each time he fails, you give up easily when faced with little storms unqualified to refer to as an obstacle.

While he succeeds, you become jealous of him forgetting that the time you spent grieving at his success is enough to think of a way to make it.

Nobody likes to stay awake late into the night for whatsoever reason, but people do it because they know if they don’t, it would be virtually impossible for them to wake up to a bright new day. You want to be rich but surround yourself with poverty-minded people.

You want to make a difference but love hanging out in questionable places as if you have seen anyone changing the world from a disco hall. Your choice of music is uninspiring and little or nothing you learn from the movies you watch.

The way you talk sometimes makes one wonder, if you have ever seen a school in your entire life, let alone attending one. Often times, why listening to a beautiful piece of music, you wish you could sing like the artiste. To you, he or she has a fantastic voice and you don’t.

You are quick at praising others but quicker to condemn yourself. Even while you see people doing it, you still believe you cannot do it.

You know the name of the richest man in the world, best basketball player, highest paid footballer, richest musician, award-winning movie stars, but no one knows your name yet you are not bothered.

Each time Cristiano Ronaldo scores a goal or Serena Williams gets a point, you are the first to yell, jump and clap. Each time you watch Lady Gaga performing on stage making use of her talent, you scream and clap.

You clap every time Donald Trump sums up a wonderful speech, clap every time LeBron James leads his term to victory. Little wonder you get so tired at times.

I am not blaming you for doing this, because there is absolutely nothing wrong to clap for others especially when they do exploits or have done great things.

What am saying, in essence, is that you have been clapping for others for too long; don’t you know it is time for others to start clapping for you? What are you doing to make others begin to clap for you or, are you saying you are not good enough to receive a standing ovation?

Of course, someone is responsible for your financial sickness and failures in life. Go straight to your mirror, stand in front of it and you will see clearly the person responsible for this thing.

Don’t ever make the mistake to pray for your enemies to die because you may sleep and don’t wake up. You cannot change the world like this. This is not the way to be rich; if everyone starts thinking like you, the world is finished.

This was not how Warren Buffet, Richard Branson, and Oprah Winfrey became billionaires. This was not how Donald Trump, Theresa May, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron became their country leaders.

Dear esteemed reader, Denzel Washington, Julia Robert and U2 Lead singer Bono, did not become superstars like this. And of course, this was definitely not how Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravity or how Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone you and I are enjoying today.

You talk too much, sleep too much, doubt too much, fear too much, complain too much and yet want to be rich. Nobody that wants to change the world or amount to something in life behaves and acts like this.

If you really want to make it in life, you must change these three things Listed below because everything is wrong with them.

1. Your Mental Attitude

You ain’t going nowhere son, until you change the way you do things. Everything is wrong with it that is why your life is on the wrong track.

There is a way you must talk, walk, sleep and conduct yourself before you can attain an enviable height in life.

It is a principle no one can change or modify. If you want to know why you have not achieved financial independence, simply do this one thing. Evaluate yourself and write down the name of ten people you think behaves like you.

If you can put down up to two names, know someone or something is responsible for your problems.

2. The Way you think

It is because you are thinking backward that you are experiencing defeat and failure. Your thoughts are outdated you must upgrade if you wish to move forward in life.

The world is moving fast and you must move accordingly. Understand that the era of using bow and arrow in warfare is far-gone. Men don’t wait for a manner to fall down from heaven anymore. Women are becoming presidents and billionaires now.

Everyone knows to wait for the government, does not work these days.You must align your thinking with today’s world before you can convince today’s people to buy your goods and services before you can convince today’s employee to employ you.

3. perception

If you want a change in your life, there is no alternative to changing your outlook. Remember, your outlook toward life is how your life looks.

Your perception of success is the demon chaining down your takeoff zeal. It is because you view things as tough, that every opportunity appears to you as a thorn.

Things will definitely start working for you if you move away from the crowd and view things from another angle.

Learn to question and ponder on most of the things you hear people say, because they are full of the kind of virus that incites the subconscious mind to act upon the thoughts of poverty.

They say life is not a bed of roses yet there are plenty of roses on Mark Zuckerberg's bed. In sum, if you set a worthwhile goal and pursue it, there is nothing in the whole of the universe, that can stop roses from germinating in your life.

Note: The three things listed above are your worst enemies in life. They are not only responsible for the countless divorce, separation and break ups all over the world today, but for your failures and financial sickness.

Yes, if you hate poverty, you must think properly. If you want riches, your dispositions must reflect it. Ronald Reagan the 40th president of the United States stated:

“There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect.”

It is time you stop pointing fingers at anything and everything and start owning up to your mistakes and rising up to the challenge. One of the greatest philosphers and thinker of all time Confuscius believed firmly that human beings can improve their life through personal development and create the kind of life they truly desire.

I specially recommend a book on "personal development" The Requirements For Riches. Use it to build a consciousness of possibility and alter the course of events in your life.






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