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Success advice

To Become a Self-Made Millionaire do

These 4 Things

Would you like to make a million dollars in a year from now? If your answer is “yes,” as I am sure it is, then do this one thing. Simply raise the money in your mind account to a million dollar.

You know what; I have just unveiled one of the greatest money-making secrets to you. Read more...


3 Simple Steps to Success

Because of the importance of money the majority of people wishes, hope and pray to have it. Despite hoping against hope and praying more than the pop, money remains in the eyes of many but in the pockets of few.

A number of reasons could be adduced for this. In fact, there is a reason why money is making no plans to relocate from your eyes to your hands. There is a reason the word poverty found its way into the dictionary.

Yes, I know you have laid hands on so many things; I understand why you get so piece off sometimes that you feel like punching someone on the face. Of course, I know how it feels to wake up with hope every morning but end up disappointed.

I know what is like to be overrun by those who just yesterday was behind us. Read more...


7 Things Successful People Don't do

and Why You Should Stop Doing Them

Many people believe a man’s fate is predetermined by some providential law. In fact, many are of the view that successful people bear a charmed life hence their ability to accomplish so much.

This consciousness possesses the ability to lull one into inaction. Simply put, it is fatal to success. If you feel something is wrong with your destiny, remember you can alter it and change the course of events in our life.

The fact is you really cannot take that as an excuse not to impact your world and attain an enviable height.

The fact that you are disadvantaged by some unpleasant facts of life doesn’t stop you from setting goals and designing strategies don’t stop you from applying success principles and taking charge of your life. Read more...


Why You Are Unable to do The Things

That Will Align You With The Vibration

of Success

Today, I want to show you why money is still out of your reach despite putting in as many efforts like everyone else. I want to open up your understanding on the things that undermine your ability and set a boundary on you.

In fact, after you finish reading this post, you will know why you are unable to do the things that will align you with the vibration of success; and you will know what to do to effect a change in your finances and every area of your life.

Yes, you must stop blaming anything and everything for your setbacks and defeat. There are reasons why you are not rich; reasons why despite all your efforts, the huge gulf between you and success remain.

Understand that it is impossible to attain an enviable height or accumulate riches of any magnitude with a Read more...


Start Doing This Simple Thing if You

Want to Get Rich

 Are you in a hurry to make it in life? If yes, then this post is for you. In fact, it is designed to open up your understanding to one simple thing you must start to do if you want to get rich.

Today, we are in a world where everyone wants to get rich but where few are willing to find out and do what it takes to be rich. Little wonder money is in the eyes of many but in the pockets of few.

Unfortunately, many people now view the so-called short cut to wealth as the backdoor and are moving towards that direction. Many people now believe one must get their hands dirty before he or she can get rich or attain an enviable height.

You can imagine how many promising young people this mentality has sent to jail and an early grave. Read more...


Overcoming Procrastination to

Achieving Your Dream

 On May 5, 1961, the freedom 7 spacecraft blasted off from Florida, U.S. A. and American astronaut Alan Bartlett Shepard Jr. became the first American and the second person to travel to space.

Even the dumbest imbecile in the most remote village on earth knows that to travel to space and come back to earth is no small feat.

Alan Shepard was celebrated greatly until his life span ran out in death, but not like the first man to orbit the earth, Yuri Gagarin. Alan Sheppard would have become the first human in space because he prepared just as the young Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin.

He conquered one of the things [fear] know to set limits on people just as Gagarin conquered it. The spacecraft to take him there was ready; In fact, everything was ready but Read more...


 The Magic Formula for Success

When Augustus Caesar visited Alexander’s tomb, he left a golden crown as a tribute. It is said that when he was about to leave, his companions told him to visit the tomb of the Ptolemy’s he replied, “I have come to see a king, not corpses.”

Yes, we are living in a world were age is respected, but were achievement is revered. A man is judged according to his achievement and not according to his appearance.

If you doubt this, it means you have forgotten so soon the king of soul music, James Brown. Read more...





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