To buy: simply pick one of the packages and make payment to this bank account.

Bank:  Access Bank

Account name: Mr. Efosa Emovon

Account number: 0775538038

After making payment, text your name, teller number and email address to 08067748090. As soon as we confirm your payment, we shall email your package to you.

For more enquiries or to get a sample of our email database call Sandra with this number: 08131025052


This Must be The Breakthrough You Having Been Praying For

Do you have a service to render or a product to sell? Do you have a forthcoming crusade, an event you want everyone to know about? If yes, smile because we gat you covered. In fact, we are here to equip you with the needed tool that will help you reach out to thousands and millions of customers who are interested in your goods and services.



Getting exposure for your business is the only way to showcase your products and services to the world. Today, the easiest and fastest way to advertise a product and get thousands and even millions of people lining up to purchase it, is through email marketing (sending a message to bulk email addresses at once).


Yes, statistic has shown that email is faster and many times better than radio and TV advert. Recently, Jenner Kylie a 21 years old girl became a billionaire by simply using her smartphone to sell her products online. This shows the power of social media and email marketing.

The world is moving fast, you must move along with it. Men no more use bow and arrows in warfare, we are in nuclear age now. You must understand this simple fact if you aspire to be a successful entrepreneur.


The richest people in the world today are those who took advantage of the internet! Yes, you too can use the internet to accumulate fortune within a short time and live life on your own terms. All you have to do is to first look for a product to sell or a service to render and then get the right email lists.


With our active miracle 9ja email lists, you are on the path to success. One lady who purchased our email lists said she was getting so many customers that at a time, her competitors started saying she took their star.


What are you waiting for! Purchase our Active miracle 9ja email list today to advertise your event, goods, and services and watch your business grow beyond your wildest imagination. Get it now and watch your finance increase in such a way that will make you marvel.

Take your destiny in your own hands and grab this opportunity. Remember, POOR, they say, is: PASSING OVER OPPORTUNITIES REPEATEDLY.


We guarantee 100% percent ROI {return on investment].


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