The Magic Formula for Riches

Category: SUCCESS Published: Friday, 08 February 2019 Written by Life Coach Efosa Emovon

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When Augustus Caesar visited Alexander’s tomb, he left a golden crown as a tribute. It is said that when he was about to leave, his companions told him to visit the tomb of the Ptolemy’s he replied, “I have come to see a king not corpses.”

Yes, we are living in a world were age is respected, but were achievement is revered. A man is judged according to his achievement and not according to his appearance. If you doubt this, it means you have forgotten so soon the king of soul music, James Brown.

It is true that money can’t buy love, but as far as I am concern money is an assurance. If you want a woman to be an angel in your world, you must first build a paradise, because angels don’t live in hell.

It is for this reason, a famous actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger, counseled: “Failure is not an option, everyone has to succeed.”

It should be understood that people don’t just wake up in the morning, yawn, and then become successful. There are things you must know and do if you want to achieve success.

You are about to learn the magic formula that has changed the lives of many. All the top achievers you hear of today used this secret to effect a positive change in their lives.

Bill Gates used it to build one of the biggest software companies in the world and became a billionaire. Michael Jordan used it to become the greatest basketball player of all time and became a billionaire.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg used it to become a billionaire at the age of twenty three. Oprah Winfrey used it to rise from anonymity to become the first black female billionaire in the world.

I have never known any man or woman to distinguish himself, or accumulate riches of any consequence, without the possession of this magic formula. This success formula works like magic! I call it a magic formula because the moment you apply it, you see instant results.

This secret can also help you achieve harmony in your love life, win friends and influence people, conquer depression, achieve any goal you set for yourself and above all, achieve complete peace of mind.

How do I uncover this secret and Use it to Effect a change in my finances?

Simply click this link to get this inspiring, entertaining and well-researched book, I guarantee that if you read it to the end and put into practice this magic formula, you will accomplish ten times more than you have ever accomplish before, and will do so far faster than you thought possible.



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