The Reason Many People Will Die Poor

Category: INSPIRING .STORIES Published: Sunday, 28 October 2018 Written by Life Coach Efosa Emovon

Inspiring story

A slave and his master were about to embark on a journey and the slave pleaded with his master not to tell their host he was a slave. His master agreed with a warning that he should not act like one. They both agreed and set out on the journey.

When they got there, their host welcomed them with utmost respect because the man was a very rich and an influential figure. They treated the slave with equal respect because they thought he was a friend or business partner to his master.

The way he dressed convinced them even more. Everything went on fine until the next day when his master went out. First, he starts to sing meaningless songs, dancing and clapping and disturbing the peace of the house.

After smoking marijuana, he pulled off the shirt he wore not minding it was winter, went straight to their host’s garden and began to cut down some over grown flowers, feeling that he was in his master’s house.

When they saw the way he behaved, they concluded that he would be the right person to wash all the dirty dishes in the house. They ordered him to the kitchen at once.

He grinned and starts to do, what he knew how to do best. When his master returned and saw him in the kitchen watching dirty dishes, he asked him, “was I the one who called you a slave?”

Before they embarked on that journey, the slave forgot one thing. He forgot that wherever a man goes to dwell his character goes with him. He wore his best clothes to the place, but forgot that his attitude was naked.

He was so dump to come to the realization that it was not really the chains on him that made him a slave but his attitude towards life. As they set out on the journey, his master kept to his promise by setting him free, but despite this, he was still in chains.

No wonder the great boxing legend Muhammad Ali said, “It isn’t the mountain ahead to climb that wear you out, it is the pebble in your shoes.”

Dear esteemed reader, the year is running out! Remember, it is madness to apply the same antidote to an ailment and expect a different result.

Madness to expect to look like Beyoncé when the image you set before a mirror bear great resemblance with that of Pongo Pygmaeus[Orangutan].

If you like fast and pray for forty days and forty nights; wish from now till entirety, in short, you can even work yourself to pulp.

If what you do with your time and with your life is not in alignment with the vibration of success your life would go on like this indefinitely. Simply put, you will remain where you are until your life span runs out in death.

Success contrary to what many think does not happen accidentally it requires something to manifest in your life. There are two things you must change and three things you must do before you can get rich.

Do you really want to effect a change in your finances this year? If yes, then find out what these things are in our audiobook.

Believe me this is different from the ones you have listened to before. After you finish listening to this informative, educative, entertaining and magical inspirational audiobook if you don’t achieve financial freedom, it is proof that you didn’t act on every instruction on it.

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