Turning Negative Life Experiences into an Opportunity

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Inspiring Story

Oftentimes our negative life experience comes unannounced to alter our mood and rob us of happiness. Do you have such experience? If yes, then get ready because this article is designed to open up your eyes to the treasure it holds.

If you can see the good in it, it will lose the power to torment you and you will possess the power to turn it into an opportunity. I have walked this path; in fact, my experience inspires this post: Turning negative life experiences into an opportunity. According to the great Chinese sage Confucius, “Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.”

Honestly, I think Confucius deserves a posthumous award for this word of wisdom. Years back when I lost one of my uncles who promised of helping me with some money to a fatal motor accident, I thought the world has come to an end.

In fact, I found it difficult to come to terms with the fact that my dream of starting up a business venture has been shattered. For weeks, I was in my room playing the blame game and beating myself.

As a consequence, my serotonin level reduced drastically and this result to stress and depression. At a point, I was so depressed that I almost died.

I thought of suicide but counters the thought when I realized I was about to help the press make more money because as we all know; bad news is good business for these people.

It was in the light of this a friend of mine who could not bear to see me in such mood said: “My friend you are getting all banged up. Why do you allow past event deal with you this way?

How do you expect to see the door that is opening when you are hung up in a problem?” I was able to reorganize my thinking by pondering on the question hurled at me by my wise friend!

As I evaluated the situation, I realized that it was not the experience that was weighing me down but the position I was viewing it from. This knowledge more than anything else, helped me retrace back my step from the path of madness.

Yes, something was wrong with that position. Thomas Edison was able to see the good in his problem and change the way we live because he viewed it with a positive mind and from a different angle.

Edison believed that one of the reasons he was able to focus on his experiments was because he was partially deaf. The first writer in history to cross the billion-dollar mark J.K. Rowling, in one of her interviews described her failures as liberating and allowing her to focus on writing.

According to new statistics from the American Heart Association [AHA] an estimated 100 million U.S. Adults have high blood pressure. And this contributes to nearly 1,000 deaths a day?

It beats me to see people processing negative life experiences into poison when they can easily turn it into money. The best business comes from a person’s bad experience this every Leading entrepreneur knows.

I feel one of the reasons adduced for the high rate of blood pressure [hypertension] is lack of motivation. If you can simply understand that it would be virtually impossible for you to access the stars without darkness, there is no way any so-called negative life experience can give you hypertension?

According to Eckhart Tolle, “Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need?

Because this is the experience you are having for the moment.” I viewed my experience from the position of the crowd that was why it was able to weigh me down. The position most people views the world from does not reflects its true image.

They view every negative life event as bad because such things appear as the devil from their view point. If you want to see further in life don’t follow the crowd because everything is wrong with their perception. Famous English ex-footballer, “David Beckham warned, “Don’t be like most people. Most people give up on their dream.”

Madness to people is when you wait while everyone runs from a lion. They forget that it is impossible to become a hero without a battle. They expect to see you down when faced with adversity forgetting that the same adversity which causes some to break, causes others to break records.

 I have learned that negative life experiences have the built-in capacity to depress and lift us. The choice is ours to be the victim or the victor. It is true as humans we can’t help casting our minds back to that incident that caused us untold pain.

But we do have a choice. Yes, we have a choice to make the feeling alter our mood and sob all day, or learn from it and grow beyond all measures. What that dark experience can do for you Just like a coin, there are two sides to everything in life.

That experience you believe is so ugly has its good side. If only you will scratch a little deeper you will see beauty in it. There is something it can teach you no professor in the world can, something you can learn from it you cannot learn from Harvard University.

Remember, the last time your best friend betrayed your love, you learn never to trust anyone. Today, your secret is not the latest news in town because you have learned to keep it to yourself. How is that bad for you?

That experience taught me never to rely on anyone or wait for anything before going for what I want. Its message was simple, “Use the tool you have at hand to start.”

When I looked at my hand I saw a pen, I decided to start with that. In fact, I started by putting down a word and before I knew it, I completed my first book and became an author. Sometimes space is being created in our life for something new to emerge.

It is not every dark night that host the devil, not every dark experience in our life is bad for us. It is because we don’t read “inspirational books“on the subject of self-development that it is still impossible for us to see the treasure in our problems.

That is why such experiences can still give us high blood pressure [hypertension]. Many people are happy today because they walked out of that marriage/relationship they invested so much on. Many were able to start up their own business venture because they were fired by their cruel boss.

Many discovered great qualities they never thoughts they possessed on their sickbed. It was after that dark event in my life that I discovered my passion for writing.

I am happy today because I have been able to empower no small number of people with my seminars and books. The enthusiastic reception I receive everywhere I go shows that this is what I am called upon to do.

Turning your negative life experiences into an opportunity

Whenever that ugly emotion flashed through your mind and about to alter your mood, counters it by reminding yourself whatever happened is for a reason.

Think of Nelson Mandela who is revered all over the world today because he spent twenty-seven years in jail for his dream of freedom. Think of John Milton who wrote the classic Paradise lost after he went blind.

Do you have any negative life experience? If yes, then it means you have a sound idea. In fact, you are the right person to help others avoid those mistakes that led to your divorce or break up. Do you know people are ready to pay you heavy for this service?

Follow these 7 steps to turn your negative life experience into an opportunity

1. Lock yourself up in your room

2. Think of 7 ways to create something that would alleviate a similar experience for others

3. Pen them down

4. Out of the 7 listed Pick the one that appeals more to you

5. Make that one idea your food, drink, and love of your life

6. Create a plan in which to turn it into a solution

7. Initiates work to carry it out

Remember, life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. We can never go back and make a brand new start, but we can start from now and make a brand new ending.

It makes no difference what has happened in your life in the past; there is a hope for a change. Try to stay positive! I wish you all the best in life.


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