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The human spirit in its natural state is static. Not until it has been stimulated to the hero’s state, it cannot unleash and incite to action, the active force [mental energy] that resides in it. The active force or sublime magnetic force is the energy or subliminal power in the innermost self, [the core of your nature] which Illuminate our intellect and inspire wisdom in us.

It is the dynamic ability in man to cause change. Simply put, it is a superior kind of energy needed to accomplish something in life.There is a creative force in us to frame the kind of life we desire, and it can be incited to action.

Just as the power of the leopard resides in its claws, the power to effect a change in your finances and in every area in which you desire a change resides in the innermost self. Little wonder the Holy Quran is of the opinion that man is a being who has enough power to control the entire world and put the angels to his own service.


Two thousand years ago a Bible writer, in a verse writes of the subliminal power. “You can change anything, because the divine power [active force] require to course that change is already within you.”

When this power is unleashed, our minds become receptive to induce us to act upon the thoughts of possibilities. This leads us to self-realization. Therefore, to accomplish success, it should be borne in mind that you need the sublime magnetic force [active force] to attract riches and to shape desires to its physical form. There are different forms of energy namely:

a. Radiant or solar energy [sun[

b. Mechanical energy [sound]

c. Mental or extraordinary energy [Active force]

The radiant or solar energy is derived from the sun, therefore; to experience heat, the radiant or solar energy [sun] is required. The mechanical energy is derived from sound. The mental or extraordinary energy is one form of energy scientist knows to exist but can’t really describe.That is why Scottish scientist and inventor, Alexander Graham Bell said, ‘What this power is I cannot say, all I know is that it exists.”

This form of energy is derived from the active force that resides in the innermost self [the core of your nature]. Therefore, to experience unprecedented growth and success in life, the mental energy [active force] is that which is required. It is impossible to attain an enviable height or greatness without the active force.

Here is the truth: You can hold cocoa beans in your hand and process them into chocolate because they are tangible things, but you cannot hold desires in your hands and turn them to their physical equivalent because they are an intangible things.

If you want your desire to become visible, you must stimulate your spirit. When the human spirit is energized it can hold desire through the help of the sublime magnetic force and shape it to money or anything else you want it to shape it to, like the way you can shape clay to whatever shape you want.The active force is like radioactive fallout you cannot see it, but it is there.

It is significant to note that, the greatest potential of man is not is talent, but that inherent in his innermost self. That was why a great mind stated: “What lies before use are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within out into the world miracle happens.”

I want you to understand that you can never attain greatness with your physical strength. Change is a process that begins when a man not only discovers his talents but stimulate his spirit.

Here is the truth; man cannot acquire the capacity to effect positive change in any area of life, when he is not in alignment with the vibration of success. Put another way, when his innermost self is static.This is to say, in order to use the wings of your talent to soar, you must stimulate your spirit because that which helps us to exercise our talents effectively and frame the kind of life and environment we desire resides in it.

Just as matter can be made to change from one state to another [water turning to ice] when the amount of energy contained in the particles is altered, desire also could be made to change from thought to wealth, when the mental energy in the innermost self, is unleashed and brought to bear upon it.

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The difference between man and animal is that man has a spirit and animals don’t. This is to say man can desire, aspire and acquire.

Man can become anything he wants to be, gets to any height he envisaged and gets whatever he wants because he carries mental energy in there. Put in another way, his spirit can be stimulated to the state whereby each time he applies his brainpower, he understands his environment and uncovers the secrets hidden behind things around him.

Little wonder, he can now build a machine that takes him to the sky.To quote the word of the highly revered founder of Taoist, Lao Tzu, “The key of growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into your awareness.” It is time you know how to use your subliminal power to become what you want to be and get anything your desire.

I will teach you how to stimulate your spirit to the hero’s state in my next post. Thanks for giving me your time. To be continued.


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